Passwordless SSH

Passwordless SSH is a must in Hadoop and I’ve used a tried and true method for some time. First you generate a key-pair using ssh-keygen, then push the public portion of the key to the target hosts with this command: cat .ssh/ | ssh hostname 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys' You can see that the last part of the process is a bit opaque.

But today the command was not working for me [NOTE: It was probably me who wasn’t working correctly. Eh?] A few web searches turned up an Ubuntu forum thread where bodhi.zazen posted a different method. This newly found gem is ssh-copy-id which replaces the cat/pipe/redirect with a more succinct command. You must have the OpenSSH package installed though, which will bum out the Mac OS X users. The crisp command will execute like so:
ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/

That’s it. Nice and clean. As a bonus, the command also makes the .ssh directory on the target if it is not there. So if you are in the mood to save a few keystrokes, this command is for you.

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